It optimises organisation and communication in any kind of event by combining a web management platform, a network of Beacons and a mobile application for Android and iOS systems

Accuracy allows visitors to be identified and geo-localised, and individual communication to be made with them to launch information and commercial offers and to manage inputs and outputs

It is entirely personalisable and applicable to sports, cultural, professional and musical events and to any customer attention system in large shopping centres

Principal functions of our platform

Data analysis

The information that the mobile application sends to the management program allows our customers to be offered full information in real-time on attendance at an event, active applications, interaction with the messages and patterns of movement via heat maps.

By measuring and analysing the collected data, we are able to offer a precise assessment of the result of the campaigns and the effectiveness of the communication.

Geolocalisation and identification

We create a network of Beacons specifically adapted to the needs of each event and with different ranges of cover, so that the mobile phones can locate their signal, activate messages and send personalised communication according to their position.

The network of Beacons is independent and requires no power supply or installation.

One person, one message

We can personalise the communication with each user to inform a visitor or a group of visitors in different ways when they enter or are in a certain area, when they are outside it and also in accordance with their professional profile and the activities assigned to them.

The messages can be launched from any device either manually connected to the network or programmed according to different pre-set rules.

Contents in real-time

The app is the link between the organiser of an event and the visitors. We designed a very light and fast application with contents that can be easily managed from the platform to update the information in real time and to make our communication as effective as possible.

Your structure and corporate image can be rapidly adapted to the needs of each customer and event to achieve maximum ease of use.

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