Our thoughts when designing our application

Outline orientation. The graphic design of each app adapts to the client’s corporate identity

Speed and effectiveness

We believe above all that it is a work tool, and therefore its users need updated information and maximum efficacy and speed of operation.

We have therefore designed a very light app that downloads fast and optimises all of its contents to achieve a good user experience. It saves your information on the telephone so it can be consulted off-line and automatically reloads any changes made from the management platform.

And it is totally personalisable with the structure and corporate image that each customer needs for their event.

Message personalisation

The app detects the signals of the Beacons and the management platform uses them to find the user’s position. According to this localisation, the organiser of an event can send a specific user a personalised message according to their professional profile and/or specific needs.

Messages that are also programmable for sending to groups of users in accordance with their location at a particular time.

They can also be sent to users outside the event complex and outside the coverage of the Beacons as reminders of times or flights and any kind of information.

Interaction in real-time

The geo-localisation that the Beacons allow gives the app functions that can be very interesting at congresses where information has to be exchanged between speakers and those attending a talk.

We can make surveys in real-time in a specific area or for the whole of an event and only for those attending a certain talk, in order to offer speakers immediate information on the reaction to their proposals.

This option, which is especially useful at events such as medical congresses with the presentation of new techniques, also allows organisers to avoid renting and maintaining voting devices and audio guides.

Management of information

One of the functions of Accuracy is the management of information via electronic mail, as most of the documents that are used at an event are difficult to manage via a mobile device.

To improve the experience in use, all documents produced during an event can be sent automatically or on request of the user to the electronic mail address given in the registry process.

This information can also be shared via the social or professional networks or with other electronic mail addresses.

Interactive guide

Sometimes the size or complexity of the centre of some events, such as large hotels or convention centres, makes guiding difficult and the timetables are altered by the dispersal of those attending.

GPS localisation does not work indoors or in enclosed complexes, and thanks to the network of Beacons, it is possible to guide the users of a mobile application from one specific point to the required area by means of an interactive map.

This process allows better movement of large groups of people and enables users of the mobile application to know where they are at any time, and where they have to go.

Functions included in the basic package

  • Multi-language
  • Creating different user profiles
  • Management from mobile and web page
  • Messages associated with Beacons and activated automatically
  • Segmented push messages by type of users
  • Banner for last minute information on any page
  • Blogs of news
  • Submission of information and dossiers by email
  • Static and interactive maps
  • Image gallery
  • Video
    • Statistics
    • Registered users
    • Registered active users
    • Users by profiles
    • Users for certain fields of registration (language, age, etc.)
    • Users who have been in a specific region

Events or companies with their own app

For all projects that already have an active app in the main applications stores, Accuracy offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) with the typical Beacons management functions and personalised messages.

With the design of the application, we coordinate the installation of the SDK and the validation of its operation so that all of the functions offered by our platform can be added to those of the app.

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