proximityProximity marketing is that made between a company (announcing a product or service in order to impact on a potential customer) and the target audience at a certain time and in a certain place.

It is characterised as giving priority to closeness between the customer and the announcing company via personalised communication techniques based on the target and location of the customer at the time of the act of communication.

The main advantage is a direct impact on the audience at which it is aimed, and another outstanding aspect is that the communication or commercial offer can be segmented according to the physical position of the ad or the announcer, which means that anyone coming to this critical position becomes a potential customer at which the communication can be directed.

Some of the techniques include Bluetooth as the basic tool, as this is the technology that offers greater reliability (others, such as Wi-Fi signals or segmented SMS, are not so precise).

The Beacons, as issuers of radio signals via Bluetooth, are the technological base of the geolocalisation marketing that offer the content via mobile application, depending on the customer’s place and time at that moment.

This means that geo-localisation has become a key question for advertising, due to its possibilities and effectiveness.

Therefore, geo-localisation marketing is carried out via mobile devices allowing this technique (Beacons that emit via Bluetooth), which incorporate applications that can locate the position of the user and act on this information.

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